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  • Issue #05 - Fear
  • Fear is a distressing emotion aroused by a perceived threat. Some people can control their fear, others get scared into chaos and their senses run riot, causing illness and sometimes heart attacks.

    In today’s culture we are exposed to new experiences, materials, emotions which test our danger mechanisms in new and surprising ways. As modern life brings about the advent of new diseases, new technologies, and the threat of terrorism, contemporary society advances into a paranoid culture that is capable of manufacturing new phobias every day.

    In an attempt to understand today’s fears and it’s many facets, we have invited artists from all over the world to illustrate an A – Z of phobias. Ranging from irrational fear of hair, to understandable avoidance of guns and bullets, join us in this unorthodox encyclopedia of Fear and see what people are afraid of around the world. 

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  • Acrophobia – Fear of heights.
    Artist: Philip Aldrupp
    Country: Singapore
    Wesite: www.uebersee.com.sg
  • Agoraphobia – Fear of open spaces, or being outside.
    Artist: ClogTwo
    Country: Singapore
  • Alektraphobia – Fear of chickens - dead or alive.
    Artist: Pang Xueling
    Country: Singapore
  • Bacteriophobia – Fear of bacteria and germs.
    Artist: Speak Cryptic
    Country: Singapore
  • Bacteriophobia – Fear of bacteria and germs.
    Artist: Alex Kisilevich
    Country: Canada
  • Ballistophobia – A fear of missiles and bullets.
    Artist: Carl Kleiner
    Country: Sweden
  • Belonephobia – A fear of needles, pins or other sharply pointed objects.
    Artist: Paul Insect
    Country: UK
    Website: www.paulinsect.com
  • Carnophobia – Fear of meat.
    Artist: Chris von Szombathy
    Country: Canada
  • Dentophobia – Fear of dentists. 
    Artist: Mojoko
    Country: Singapore
  • Eisoptrophobia – A fear of mirrors.
    Artist: Daniel Huenergardt
    Country: USA
  • Felinaphobia – Fear of cats.
    Artist: Tony Ziebetzki
    Country: Germany
    Website: www.behance.net/visual-idiot
  • Frigophobia – Fear of cold or cold things.
    Artist: Jonathan Evans
    Country: Singapore
  • Gaeaphobia – A fear of the earth.
    Artist: Borut Peterlin
    Country: Slovenia
  • Gephyrophobia – A fear of crossing bridges.
    Artist: Jason Raish
    Country: USA
    Website: www.jasonraish.com
  • Gerontophobia – A fear of growing old.
    Artist: Kamarul
    Country: Singapore
  • Harpaxophobia – Fear of being robbed.
    Artist: Martin Heng
    Country: Japan
  • Helminthophobia – Fear of worm infestation.
    Artist: Celeste Anning
    Country: Singapore
  • Hydrophobia – Fear of water.
    Artist: Mark Mawson
    Country: Australia
  • Insectophobia – Fear of insects.
    Artist: Ivo van der Ent
    Country: Netherlands
  • Insectophobia – Fear of insects.
    Artist: Jean-Sébastien Lallemand
    Country: France
  • Islamophobia – Fear of Islam and terrorism.
    Artist: Colin Faulks
    Country: Singapore
  • Japanophobia – Fear of Japan, Japanese people or any form of Japanese culture.
    Artist: Wilmer Pan
    Country: Singapore
  • Kosmikophobia – Fear of cosmic phenomenon.
    Artist: Pure Evil
    Country: UK
  • Lachanophobia – Fear of vegetables.
    Artist: Adrian Chan
    Country: Singapore 

  • Lachanophobia – Fear of vegetables.
    Artist: Till Nowak
    Country: Germany
  • Lupophobia – Fear of wolves.
    Artist: Amanda Lee
    Country: Singapore
  • Molluscophobia – Fear of slugs/snails.
    Artist: Nathan Adianta

    Country: Indonesia
    Website: www.behance.net/adianta
  • Microphobia – Fear of small things.
    Artist: Slinkachu
    Country: UK
  • Necrophobia – Fear of death or dead things.
    Artist: Aiko Marckveratu
    Country: Indonesia
  • Obesophobia – Fear of gaining weight.
    Artist: Gwee Yin Fei
    Country: Singapore
  • Ophidiophobia – Fear of snakes.
    Artist: Austin Cowdall
    Country: UK
    Website: www.new-online.co.uk
  • Ornithophobia – Fear of wolves.
    Artist: Devin McGarth
    Country: USA
    Website: www.borderlineamazing.com

  • Pediophobia – Fear of dolls.
    Artist: Eric Foenander
    Country: Singapore
    Website: www.thetownjeweller.tumblr.com
  • Phasmaphobia – Fear of ghosts.
    Artist: Jesse Jacobs
    Country: Canada
    Website: www.onemillionmouths.blogspot.com
  • Phasmaphobia – Fear of ghosts.
    Artist: Sheryo
    Country: Singapore
    Website: www.sheryoart.com
  • Pyrophobia – Fear of fire.
    Artist: Funk Bast*rd
    Country: Singapore
    Website: www.danceandsoul.com
  • Quadrophobia – Fear of the number 4.
    Artist: Astrid Almkhlaafy
    Country: USA
  • Radiophobia – Fear of radiation, x-rays.
    Artist: Winnie Goh
    Country: Singapore
  • Ranidaphobia – Fear of frogs.
    Artist: Zxerokool
    Country: Singapore
    Website: www.zxerokool.com
  • Ranidaphobia – Fear of frogs.
    Artist: Pang Xueling
    Country: Singapore
  • Sciophobia – Fear of shadows.
    Artist: Frayn Yong Kian Ming
    Country: Singapore
  • Sociophobia – Fear of social gatherings, socializing, fear of embarrassment in social situations that is intrusive.
    Artist: Dewi Marie Vincoy
    Country: Singapore
    Website: www.helloembrace.org
  • Technophobia – Fear of technology.
    Artist: David Jien
    Country: USA
    Website: www.davidjien.com
  • Tricophobia – Fear of hair.
    Artist: Winnie Truong
    Country: Canada
    Website: www.winnietruong.com
  • Uranophobia – Fear of heaven.
    Artist: Lawrence Zeegen
    Country: UK
    Website: www.zeegen.com
  • Uranophobia – Fear of heaven.
    Artist: David Emmite
    Album Artwork by David Emmite for Little Beirut
    Website: www.davidemmite.com / www.littlebeirut.com
  • Vaccinophobia – Fear of vaccines.
    Artist: Andrew Flakonkishochki
    Country: Russia
  • Venustraphobia – Fear of pretty women.
    Artist: Tan Kwang Yang
    Country: Singapore
    Website: www.behance.net/tanky
  • Wiccaphobia – Fear of witches and witchcraft.
    Artist: Tito Delgado
    Country: Argentina
    Website: www.tito-tito.com
  • Xenophobia – Fear of strangers or foreigners. 
    Artist: Izziyana Suhaimi
    Country: Singapore
    Website: my-bones.tumblr.com
  • Ymophobia – Fear of contradiction.
    Artist: Tom Merckx
    Country: Belgium
    Website: www.krop.com/meandmisterjones
  • Zoophobia – Fear of animals.
    Artist: Wanton Doodle
    Country: Singapore
    Website: www.wantondoodle.com