KULT ISSUE #10 - Unbreakable™

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  • Issue #10 - UNBREAKABLE
  • Life. It’s a pressure cooker. And it’s been that way since day one. Every day, the world seems to move faster. Technology shifts our way of life in new and unexpected ways. But the irony is … things don’t seem to get easier. 
    Sure, you’ve got a smartphone in your pocket, and you’re connected to anything and everything 24-7. But that doesn’t make life a bed of roses. 
    From the moment we are born, we are faced with pressures and challenges. It’s an ongoing battle. Pressure is what moulds us and shapes us into the person we are. To get through it all – and to come out the other side – takes grit, backbone and determination.
    For a young generation looking at the world around them, the future is uncertain. The challenges, formidable. From the most private and personal, to the most public and global. 
    We come into the world with great expectations. But reality is often a different story. The only response is to be resilient. To persevere. In a word, to be Unbreakable. 
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  • Cover: Issue #10 - Unbreakable
    Artist: Russell Ong
    Country: Singapore
    Website: cargocollective.com/russo
  • Artist: Mighty Jaxx + Daniel Yu
    Country: Singapore
    Website: mightyjaxx.com , doryphunk.blogspot.sg
  • Artist: Kristal Melson 
    Country: Singapore
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  • Artist: Nick Tearle
    Country: UK
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  • Artist: Izzy Tan
    Country: Singapore
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  • Artist: Klub7
    Country: Germany
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  • Artist: Ruth Marbun
    Country: Indonesia
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  • Artist: Lio Yeung
    Country: Hong Kong
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  • Artist: Nancy Fouts
    Country: UK
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  • Artist: Rhys Owens
    Country: Wales
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  • Artist: Marianna Ignataki
    Country: China
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  • Artist: Daehyun Kim
    Country: Austria
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  • Artist: Jeroel Leyble 
    Country: Singapore
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  • Artist: Tiffany Tan
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  • Artist: Russell Ong
    Country: Singapore 
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  • Artist: Anjo Bolardo
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  • Artist: Anshu Merani
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  • Artist: Keat Leong
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