KOONGO Casestudy

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  • The Art4web agency asked me to create a video for their client to present and explain the functioning of the client's service www.Koongo.com. For this project we decided to make up a story about Michael who owns an e-shop selling smartphones and who would like to get his product assortment to price comparison websites such as heureka.sk or pricemania.sk.
  • After the script was ready, we started to design the character of Michael.
  • The next step was setting up of the storyboard and the animatics.
  • We also tested several icon animations:
  • Animator: Adam Belis
    Art directors: Adam Belis, Lukáš Majzlan
    Script writer: Adam Belis
    Storyboard artist: Adam Belis
    Illustrations: Adam Belis
    Illustration Assistants : Zuzana Belisová , Tomáš Hriško
    Translation: Veronika Belisová
    Mentor: Lukáš Majzlan
    Agency: Art4web
    Client: www.koongo.com
  • Thank you for your time!
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