• Kompas
    The Kompas Collection is inspired by the simplicity and brilliance of a compass.
  • The extra-thin embedded magnets do not only create a floating hinge based on magnetic attraction, they also allow you to unfold the frame one-handed with just one simple gesture, using the magnetic orientation the same way a compass needle always points North.
  • Imagine slipping on your sunglasses without taking your attention off the road or fumbling with your shopping bags.
  • This magnetic hinge delivers long-term durability: the temples of the frame will never become loose over time as the magnet system replaces the reliance on screws to hold the rim and the temples together.
  • Superb comfort and fit is provided thanks to the metal pad arms and PVC nose pads that offer high adjustability for all face shapes.
  • The collection is made with premium materials such as lightweight and hypo-allergenic titanium and handmade acetate.
  • The Kompas Collection consists of a total of 15 optical styles and 8 sunglasses styles, divided into the Tesla Series and the Flux Series.
  • Growing up in Brussels, I have always loved its stunning architectural splendor, richly dotted with its Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings. And even though heavily spoiled by living among so much beauty, one day, I almost created a traffic accident as a stunning building made me dive into to the brakes.
    Later I found out it was the Stoclet palace designed by the then only 35-year old Josef Hoffmann. Little did I know back then that I was looking at one of the masterpieces of the man who was standing at the cradle of industrial design as we know it today.
    Therefore, I would like to use this project to pay tribute to this great architect and his incredible contribution.