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    We interact with one another on a daily basis, we interact with animals, and we spend hours playing Angry Birds on our smart phones; interacting with electronics. Can you see where this is going? In 2012 it's considered normal to spend hours playing, but interacting with a plant is probably considered as being weird. Koishi tackles this issue, and promotes having plants indoors.

    The concept is very simple. Koishi monitors the activity within a plant and transforms it into an audio-visual improvisational performance. We can't talk to plants but interacting is different. It's nice to put a plant in the limelight for a change. The music played through the pot is produced instantaneously. It's more than just a pot, it's an instrument; controlled by your plant - imagine cooking to the sound of your basil plant in your kitchen.
  • Concept sketch.
  • Koishi in Salone Satellite stand layout plan.
  • Koishi in Salone Satellite stand front elevation.
  • Koishi identity and website, also designed by Noel Zahra.

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