Concepting and Design Maintenance

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    "That's us. It's nice to meet you."
  • was FWA's Site of the Day on July 12, 2010. Weeeee.
  • echoed the spirit of the phone; full bleed, personalized and real, social, loud, raw, and full of content that told the story of the lifestyle of the "social" generation. Using the Spot graphic as a metaphor for share throughout, the soul of the site manifested itself as a balance of analogue and digital elements that encouraged user engagement throughout. As a Sr. Designer brought in and out through many iterations of, I was responsible for storyboarding the Interface Overview videos, maintaining the Events section, and general conceptual contributions.
  • Videos produced in collaboration with kontent partners.
  • The "Day in the Life" videos were the central focus of the home page quadrant. Shown above is a video that featured the Spot and starred the band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in an impromptu basement concert.
  • When user picked a device, in this case KIN One, they were not only brought to a menu of videos, but they were also allowed to log in using their Facebook credentials and play with the theming of the phone. In essence this personalized the phone and the experience for the user, prompting them to the buy flow.
  • Interface Overview video in play.
  • Past Events section, detailing and documenting all of the KIN promotional Spot events. Here Big Boi is shown playing a Spot event in Atlanta. Hot stuff.
  • The About Us and Buzz section housed one of the mash-up videos exemplified above, and reviews of the KIN devices as they came in. Creative Direction: Aaron Johnsen
  • 2010 W³ Awards of Gold Winners (2)
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  • 2010 W³ Awards of Silver Winners (2)
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