KIN: Retail Interactive Touch Kiosk

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    Touch, Play, Interact, Experience: The Retail Kiosk
  • The KIN Kiosk Promotional Sampling Tour. Photos from KIN Facebook fan page. Booth installation by CincoDesignOffice.
  • A highly social interactive phone deserves a highly social interactive digital counterpart. That is where the KIN Retail Kiosk came in. Originally slated to hit Verizon stores, the rich media, HD, WPF application hit the road instead. It went on a short tour to select events such as Sasquatch, Warped Tour, and Comic-Con. Also featured in select Microsoft stores, the kiosk served as a new way to experience a mobile device before purchase. Featuring an attract loop, loads of videos, 3D models, and a trimmed down Studio experience, the Kiosk also offered share functionality via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail. Users could log in to their Facebook accounts to see what their specialized UI would look like on the device. A print functionality was later added so users could walk away with a printout of their "Loop" and potentially get the golden ticket -- a free KIN phone. As the Sr. Art Director on this project, I worked closely with UX and the development team to ensure a seamless experience, oversaw motion and 3D model rendering, and was responsible for look and feel while maintaining brand guidelines. I was also integral in presenting creative to the client and the partnering agencies.
  • Home Screen after breaking Attract Loop featuring both devices and the Studio peektab.
  • User has chosen a device and is exploring by touching and dragging 3D model. Smart assists appear on pre-determined trigger points. The option to share appears via a tab at the bottom. Inactive device has dropped to rest state.
  • User has touched a video thumbnail on the left side of the screen. Player flies out and plays an Interface Overview video featuring the Spot.
  • User has decided to share the KIN two via Twitter. Log-in screen and opt-ins appear. Custom keyboards were created for each SNS service.
  • User has touched the Studio peektab causing a customized Studio simulation to slide out. Smart assists appear inviting the user to interact with the Studio timeline, scrubbing through specialized content. The Carmera Roll of the inactive device reflects the images in the Studio and the "Day in the Life" video that they relate to.
  • The "aha" moment of the KIN was watching your home screen, the Loop, load with your friends faces and status update. The kiosk allowed users to experience this for themselves in the "Make it Your Own" mode.
  • Once the user has signs in to Facebook through the "Make it Your Own" feature, the active KIN device loads with the user's information and they receive a personalized greeting and the option to print out their Loop.
  • Now that the user has experienced the KIN, it is time to present both devices side by side with two options to compare; "Compare the Basics" which uses brand voice to distinguish the KIN One and KIN Two, and "See the Specs" which provides much more technical specifications for the more invested technical user.   Creative Director: Aaron Johnsen