KIN: Product and UI Development

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  • KIN
    A Social Networking Phone by Microsoft, Released May 2010
  • KIN Two (left) and KIN One (right) were launched by Microsoft's Premium Mobile Experiences team in May of 2010. Primarily social networking phones, they were geared towards the youth market who always felt the NEED to stay connected to their friends.
  • Ahhhh, the poor KIN. Its shelf life of a mere few weeks was no reflection of years of hard work by a brilliant team. The lesson learned here for this designer? It is okay to fail. Sometimes the end product is all about the journey. Joining the "Pink" team in March of 2009 of this highly sensitive project, I was responsible for the integration of the UX Designers' comps with the Developers' C#. Using XAML, Expression Blend, and prototypes of the devices tethered to Visual Studio, I was responsible for the tight integration of the Spot, Browser, App Switcher, Volume Control, and general motion of the drag and drop functionality of all objects on device. See video below for full functionality of the Spot.
  • The Spot, sometimes lovingly referred to as the soul of the KIN device, was a distinguishing feature which allowed the user to easily drag and share multiple types of data with multiple recipients at a time.
    Videos produced in collaboration with kontent partners.