• Kaiju (strange beast in Japanese) is a table lamp inspired by this legendary creature. Its shape, its presence and the movement it implies evoke directly that of Godzilla, the most famous Kaiju. 

    Kaiju is a table/desk lamp that allows two different ways of use. The first position is when Kaiju stands on four legs, this provides a strong reading light. The second is when Kaiju is hanging on the edge of the table, this way provides an ambient and diffuse light. The lamp includes a cable organizer, as the front legs enable to hold cables such as chargers for laptops, mobile phones, etc. This helps to organize the work space on the desk. It is ECO friendly as the Eucalyptus wood used comes from reforestation woods in Uruguay with F.S.C certificate. Also the lamp used is LED technology which is more efficient, recyclable and less contaminant. 

    Design collaboration: Julia Castillo and Tatiana Lacroze
    Finalist in Salao design 2013.
    Product included in SOMEWHAT DIFFERENT IFA exhibition.