Juxtapoz Magazine, 2013 Redesign

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  • Editorial Design
  • A change of editor, content, and future objectives fueled Juxtapoz magazines 2013 redesign to be friendlier and more engaging. I used urban retro art deco typefaces and graphics, a warmer and more playful color palette, full bleed images, and dynamic and adjustable layouts to give Juxtapoz a style that appeals to our hip, urban readership.
  • New feature design maintaining striking opening portraits but with
    more flexibility and dynamic negative space for layout options
  • A new bold design for the editor's bold introductions
  • Picture Book, along with the other departments, got a more
    open design and art deco-style graphics and typefaces
  • SF artist and entertainer, Mike Shine, made a custom stencil
    typeface for us to use for our featured artists... himself included
  • Profiles go to full spreads to make the most of their
    striking up-and-comer art
  • New department, Insider, is for the jet-set road warriors who just
    can't stay in one place and need the inside track to scenes all over the globe
  • Review showcases great reading material and the redesign
    lets you reach out and grab 'em off the page
  • New department, Influences, lets readers and subjects
    connect on what makes their creative juices flow
  • Our new Style department showcases selected cool products out there
  • Table of Contents goes wider for another splashy introduction to issues content
  • Pop Life gets more streamlined and dynamic with a
    slash divider and "punch-cut" numbering
  • New department, Online, gives our print fans a taste of what is going on online