Just a November Day in Brno

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  • Hello there,

    I've just running today all over the places, streets, buildings, offices. Smiling, talking, signing all kind of stuff I need to do, but that just stack up while I was on a short work-travel-research in Austria for one month.

    In Sunday evening i was pretty not optimistic about this day. But it turned out, as it is often the case in my case, pretty well day. Even though until now I did not do too much science, while running there and back I stopped myself in the middle of the streets and taking some photos.

    I would like to share, that even in city conditions you can find small spots to make images (stunning at least in the imagination, because when photos are uploaded to computer, you realize that plus-minus half of them are not-good/so-so/crap). I found one street, or passage between 2 houses as it will be more correct on which there are 4 (FOUR, LE FOUR, DAS FOUR ETC) different kind of needletrees. I was so exited, but I decide to wait until it will rain to go there to take a pictures of raindrops, needles and their mixture. Don't know how you feel about it, but for me that sounds like fun.)

    Going back to the album. There are 2 places, two times. 1 - small half dead rose bushes on the roadway that i "met" while going home before going to foreign police second time. And second is evening sky + trees that I "met" on the way back from police. I actually get cold, because i was walking 2 bus stops and taking pictures (it was like I m standing and wait for a bus, then realize how nice the sky is due to the sun is over the horizont and clouds colored in a very funky way; then just before bus arrives I decide to go and take pictures, so I skip it and go...). I got home cold but satisfied.

    That's the storyline. Hope you enjoy the photos.
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