Just a Little Taste of Journey

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  • Just a Little Taste of Journey
    A contribution to the manga/anime world
  • Part One: The Cover
    Before I reach to the final cover, I went through various ideas and solutions. Because the blog was founded during autumn, I wished for it to reflect the melancholy of that time.
  • Most ideas involve the use of red and orange. In one cover I used apples as a reference point to the blog's favorite anime, Spice & Wolf.  
  • In another effort, I decided to depict an apple tree and use green to reflect on the slow, relaxing part of our blog.
  • The final cover managed to combine warm and cold, and even though the leaves stand for autumn, the light blue curves show that spring is coming, a rather optimistic message the expresses both me and my partner.
  • We wanted something that'd make the cover stand apart from the rest of the market, so we decided to keep on with the autumn theme and put the leaves with various manga/anime characters right to the inside part of the cover.
  • Part Two: The Content
    My main goal as I was designing the main layout was to keep the a specific grid, that could adapt to little changes from article to article, so that the reader would not be easily bored with it. I had to use many different type styles and image sizes, as you can see below
  • These are the introductions to the four chapters (Essays, Reviews, Commentaries and Journals) of the book.
  • The book's main grid.
  • When the book finally got printed, both me and Foxy Lady Ayame were extremely happy.  This is our baby and by far our most beloved project so far. It would be a great joy if you were to download the book's pdf and visit our blog. There are already plans for the second part, so stay tuned!
  • For this project we used the designs of many excellent artists. Some of them were the following: