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  • The Just Like the Old Days Tour
    A project born of wishful thinking
  • For an Intro to Electronic Media & Graphic Design class, one of my final assignments was to create a concert poster in Adobe InDesign CS5. I chose to imagine that the incredible Lauryn Hill decided to slink out of her social and musical cave, as she does every so often these days, and do a stealthy little show in Miami's Design District. The lack of details is intentional -- she would do something annoying like that. 
    The image was traced (from a famous photo of Miss Hill) in Adobe Illustrator CS5, and all the type in the hat was created/manipulated there too. The text at the bottom and the backgrounds and color variations were done in InDesign.
    DISCLAIMER: I have no association with Lauryn Hill or the venue Bardot and she is not having this tour and I didn't take the photo I traced. I made it all up and I didn't get paid for it. Just to clarify.