Junk Mail Poster

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  • The statistics are quite alarming. More than 4 million tons of Junk Mail is produced yearly. Over 50 percent of this unsolicited mail ends up in landfills annually. While the quantity of Junk Mail seems overwhelming, there are things we can do to put a stop to these unwanted deliveries.
    We decided for this self initiated project to create an ongoing series of A1 posters made entirely from collected Junk Mail from friends, families and co-workers. In and off itself this process becomes an act of recycling and an innovative ongoing solution to these unwanted deliveries of Junk Mail and landfill waste. To finish off the poster we screen printed on top of the Junk Mail, another statistic of interest ‘You waste about 70 hours a year looking at Junk Mail’.
    In an ironic sense, right now you are spending more time looking at more Junk Mail. A light hearted message, which addresses and creates awareness of the problem of Junk Mail waste.
    If you wish to purchase a limited edition Junk Mail poster completely unique to you and, to do your bit for the environment then get in touch with us and we will make you one.
    Next time you’re looking at Junk Mail — admiring ‘Junk’ design — think about the effect on the environment too.
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