Jung v. Matt ‘Hidden web recruiting’

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  • Our aim was to persuade creatives from all over the world to apply for a job at Jung von Matt.
    On popular sites like ‘Lürzer‘s Archive’, ‘Ads of the world’ and ‘Coloribus’, art directors
    and copy writers find inspiration or moods to illustrate their ideas. In many cases also
    using Jung von Matt works. And this is where our idea cuts in: we placed messages behind
    our showcased work. Whenever a visitor drags a picture of one of our ads to the desktop,
    he or she sees our message: Playing copycat again? Get original at Jung von Matt.
    Each day thousands of pictures and print ads are downloaded from the Internet by
    creatives. Lots of them were reached by our promotion. Until February 2009, more than
    200 advertising professionals contacted us. Many blogs posted our idea and reinforced
    its impact by drawing further attention to our message.
  • Client: Jung von Matt AG, Germany
    Agency: Jung von Matt AG, Germany
    Creative Directors: Jacques Pense, Michael Ohanian, Michael Zoelch
    Art Directors: Andreas Jeutter, Kai Heuser
    Copywriter: Volker Stolz
    Programmer: Oliver Hook
    Published: 2008
  • Awards
    Cannes Lions: Bronze
    London International Awards: Silver
    New York Festivals: Finalist