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Illustration update up to September 2011
2011 Update
It has been some time since I last updated here on Behance, but now I finally got around to it. A lot has happened in life both art-wise and real life. My senior year of high school is officially over and now my next step is to study Graphic Design at CalArts, a school in Valencia,CA - near L.A - which should mean that I'll be able to get involved with the design scene quite quickly. I'm super excited about that, because I feel like I'm about to be growing exponentially for the next few years I am at this school. Seeing as I am soaking up the last few weeks of summer break before school starts, I figured since school will be starting, I likely wont have time to setup a new portfolio, so why not knock it out now? Have no fear, I did exactly that! I will post the link at the very end of this. I've been answering quite a few interviews this summer, one of which was an interview for a magazine, which really hits a milestone for me. I remember at the beginning of the year I told myself that my goal would be to have 1 interview before school starts, and I accomplished it :D 

In this update I have some work for myself and HeartSurge
HeartSurge released Exhibit D on the 4th of July, a great day for an art pack release. I managed to pump out 4 pieces for it, and they were quite happy with that. Also on a side note, EvokeOne is a collective that I recently got into. They were looking for new talented artists and I hopped on that opportunity within seconds. I remember a few years ago I'd look at their art exhibitions for inspiration, now I'm finally in there! 
Collaboration with my good friend Philip Brunner for HeartSurge's Exhibit D: Awakening
Illustration created for HeartSurge's Exhibit D: Awakening
Illustration created for HeartSurge's Exhibit D: Awakening
Illustration created for HeartSurge's Exhibit D: Awakening
Identity Exploration created for BeastChild aka Gabe Cataldi:
Personal Work exploring minimalism
Version 4 of is Live as of August 15th
Version 4 comes with a lot of new things. Not only do I have a new style of displaying my work, but I now have blogging capabilities which also makes displaying resources a lot easier, so now you will see a lot more of me giving back to the community. Infact, if you check the downloads section, I have released a new brush pack for Adobe Photoshop. These are my personal brushes I use in my painting styled pieces. I have enabled facebook and twitter comments and sharing, so that it will be easier for visitors to give me feedback on how I am doing. I will also start uploading Case Studies of my pieces so for those who are interested, can see how my work progresses.