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A selection of work that I do as a Graphic Designer at Judson University.
Judson University Ads, Banners
and other Promotions

I spent my senior year working at Judson University as a Graphic Designer. In the time I spent there, I did everything from logos for new School Majors, such as the up and coming Doctorate in Education in Literacy, to ads that appeared in Christianity Today. On the web side, I created ads for Judson's website as well as the banners that appear on our sponsor's sites.
A slide shown at the Prayer Breakfast held on campus in 2011, where President Bush among others came to speak. The logo is of my own design, using one of my favorite typefaces, Gotham.
This is the logo mentioned in the paragraph above. It was one of the first projects I had as a graphic designer, the process of which convinced me of my love for identity work.
This is one of my last projects done in honor of Judson's fifty years of educational practice. The mark was done using Adobe Garamond Pro and Helvetica Ultralight.