Jonathan Wong x Postliving

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  • Jonathan Wong x Post-Living / a collaboration of art & furniture"font-size:="">
  • When I was first invited to create a range for PostLiving I was really excited. I loved the idea and concept behind creating three pieces of work, one of which would be used as a table top.

    So when I began to think about the range, I used the core concept of Post Living to fuel my own ideas.
    That is the idea of mixing art with furniture.

    We all have our own opinions about art. One piece of work could loved by one person and hated by another. It is subjective and that is the beauty of it. I used that idea to get people talking by creating work that combined imagery and typography that had a personal resonance with me.

    And by creating a piece of work that would become a coffee table, why not be able to talk about the work when you have friends over? Anything that inspires conversation can only be a good thing – current topics, people we know, celebrity and pop culture or anything that makes us feel nostalgic.

  • Coasters
  • The range consists of three limited edition pieces of art: 2 pieces of wall art and 1 bespoke side table handmade to your specification. Each piece is mounted on 18mm MDF and sealed with a durable finish.
    The wall art has picture hangers and the table legs are laminated with white formica.

    To purchase the range or to find out more information about the product,
    please visit