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A series of album covers for fictional five piece techno band Johnny Wonderpants and the Technique.
Johnny Wonderpants & the Technique
Johnny Wonderpants and the Technique is a conceptual five piece techno band whom my friends and I invented on a boring Sunday afternoon. I made a bunch of album covers because I was bored throughout the following week too.
All the titles are based upon names of various Christian bands.
Cyfer Downs.

Made with a procedurally generated map program, the colouring, texturing, and text added in Photoshop.
Girls Like Boys.

This one I made with Adobe Audition; I used a recording of a snare drum and took some screenshots. Audition also allows you to erase specific frequencies within the clip, I did this so that it said 'Johnny Wonderpants and the Technique' within the actual sound of the drum.

If you listen to the sound clip above, you will hear what is on the cover; two bars of a normal snare, then two bars of it with the writing in, it is noticeably different.
Saving Elegance.

Made with Apophysis, a fractal generating program, and Photoshop.