Johnny Cash CD Cover

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  • Johnny Cash CD Cover
    Fictional CD Solution Pitch 
  • This project is very dear to me, since it was my first assignment in my first upper division design classes. The goal was to create a CD cover design for a "Best of Johnny Cash" type of compilation that would appeal to a young adult audience (ages 18-25). In my research I discovered that the majority of the target were not direct fans of Cash, but were familiar with his name and were open to learning more about his work. Using this to my advantage, I intentionally used imagery and design elements that create a mysterious or intriguing mood to attract the intended target. There is a miniature poster included in the spread of the cover as a incentive to buy a physical copy of the CD rather than buying it in a digital format. 

    Please feel free to give me feedback - I would love to know other's opinions on this solution.
  •   Cover
  • Section for a brief history of Johnny Cash's career and life.
  • Unfurled cover spread
  • Unfurled inside spread. the poster measures at 9.5 squared.
  •        Back with both spines unfurled