Johan — Why don't we

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  • Why don't we
    The last video of Johan
  • Director Marcel Kampman

    This video has been made by and because of the generous support of the people and organizations below. Without their help, energy and corporation this video couldn’t have been made. Thank you!

    The Guy Oscar Voskuil
    The Gal Susan Smit
    Dead Guy Jaap Bossen
    Project Control René ten Brink
    First Camera & Assistant Director Bjorn Eerkes
    Second Camera Maurice Mikkers
    Driver, Handyman, Props, Bus, Stuntman & Body Double Alfons Dolsma
    On-set Photographer Jonne Seijdel

    Editor René Brouwer, WRKS
    Color Correction Hans Loosman, WRKS
    Compositing & Flame Magic Tim van Paassen, WRKS
    Production Assistant Irma Moolenaar, WRKS

    Special Effects Stan Smulders
    Titles & Typography Jonathan Looman
    Location A Radio Kootwijk, Wim Huisman of Staatsbosbeheer
    Location B citizenM Amsterdam City Hotel, Robin Chadha
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