Joe Bonamassa - The Road To Vienna

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  • Joe Bonamassa - The Road To Vienna
    Behind-The-Scenes - The making of 'The Road To Vienna'.
  • Five unique musicians from different cultures, met for the first time in Vienna. Three days later, they played a concert together.

    We were given exclusive all-areas-access to create a feature-length behind-the-scenes film, capturing Joe Bonamassa, along with Lenny Castro, Arlan Schierbaum, Gerry O' Connor and Mats Wester, in their build-up to the Vienna Opera House concert on July 3rd 2012.
  • EPK - 'An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House'
  • The all acoustic show was debuted at the 46th Montreux Jazz Festival. Created in 1967 by passionate jazz fan and music visionary, Claude Nobs, it has been a concert staple for music lovers in Europe and around the world ever since.

    These musicians came together as an eclectic assortment of craftsmen, of disparate world flavours, to create a musical experience that will be remembered as the 'Acoustic Event of the Decade'.
  • Trailer - 'An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House'
  • The feature length behind-the-scenes documentary was released on blu-ray and dvd, by J&R Adventures in early 2013. Episodes of the documentary are also being released online, featuring exclusive segments of the film, with Joe's journey on the road starting in Malibu, CA, to the Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland, and finally playing live at the Vienna Opera House, Austria.
  • Trailer - 'The Road To Vienna'
  • Episode 1 - 'The Road To Vienna' - Pre-Production (Malibu)
  • Episode 2 - 'The Road To Vienna' - Rehearsals (Vienna)
  • Episode 3 - 'The Road To Vienna' - Gig 1 (Montreux)
  • Episode 4 - 'The Road To Vienna' - Gig 2 (Toulouse)
  • Episode 5 - 'The Road To Vienna' - Gig 3 (Lyon)
  • Episode 6 - 'The Road To Vienna' - Gig 4 (Vienna)
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    Production Company: J&R Adventures/Caveman Productions
    Director/DOP: Marcus Sweeney-Bird
    Editor: Marcus Sweeney-Bird
    Producer: Kevin Shirley
    Executive Producer: Roy Weisman
    Engineer: Jared Kvitka

    Acoustic Guitar and Vocal: Joe Bonamassa
    Percussion: Lenny Castro
    Irish Banjo, Mandolin and Fiddle: Gerry O' Connor
    Harmonium, Accordion, Baby Piano and Glockenspiel: Arlan Schierbaum
    Nyckelharpa and Mandola: Mats Wester
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