• Job Assesment
    Waterworks • 2010
  • After leaving Digicel I applied to a local creative agency, Waterworks. I was given a set ads to redesign to assess my ability. They liked the end results a lot but didn't hire me because they didn't have strong need for another designer at that time. After that I went straight into freelancing. I'm still in contact with Waterworks for odd jobs so my application wasn't a complete bust. :)
  • Company CD Sleeve
  • Spicy Crabbies
  • RBTT Credit Card Upgrade
    This was a new take on one of their previous ads. I was given the body copy and left to develop the rest.
  • Old Magazine Ads
    Finally I was given two bad magazine ads redo. I was allowed to change the headline, layout and overall concept but had to keep the body copy. My redesigns are below followed by the original ads.
  • Here are the two original ads
  • Life Throws Challenges
    For this ad I was given a headline. Oh the Irony of that cursed headline >_<