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  • Jibberland (2010)

    “Jibberland” shows the insight of an imaginary world created and explored by and eight year old, reminding of how far your imagination can take you and how easy it isto be creative for a child.

    Director's note

    Although "Jibberland" captures real situations and Marie wasn't in any way "directed" as an actor, the documentary has no intention whatsoever in exploring Marie's life or why she created such a complex and complete world, even though it ends up revealing her as a very special child.
    It intends only to be a window into this world she created and so naturally shares, small episodes and facts at a time, and how logic everything can be in the eyes of a kid, even if only logic by a logic they made up.

    Why that is so would be a whole different project.

    Many thanks to Marie's mother, Shannon, for trusting me to engage in this project,
    to Madalena and Vasco, for joining in my very vague feeling about doing this film,
    and to Marie, for being the coolest kid I have ever met.

    - Inês