Jewelry store for Zemfira

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  • Jewelry store
    for Zemfira
  • This identity was my term project in British Higher School of Art & Design. 

    The task: to work out and visualize the identity for cheap jewelery store for Zemfira. This person is one of those who never carries any of pretty-pretties, so I desided that my store should sell jewelry that has a function. Every stuff is a part of a remembrance. So the tag line is JEWELRY LIKE REMEMBRANCES. And the name of this store in english is UNDERBREATH (ШЁПОТОМ in russian).
    This store is not for everybody but for those who understands...
  • Horisontal logo with a tag line.
  • Vertical logo with a tag line.
  • The label tag, the price label and the catalogues of the new collection of jewelry.
  • These envelops and the letterhead are using in B2B processes. 
  • This hoody is uniform of the employees. They should look like ghosts, because their personalities don't matter in this store.
  • This stuff is package for jewelry.
  • Also we sell some souvenir production.
  • These pics are navigation inside the store. 
  • The interior around the cash desk.
  • The sign and the view from outside.
  • Business cards for outside advertising.
  • Magazine cover and three spreads below.
  • So, thank you for your time!!))