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Two samples of copywriting for Stauer, a mail order jewelry company.
Jewelry copy

My favorite part about writing jewelry copy is that, unlike consumer electronics or direct mail, there's much more room for fancy and the voice is more playful. 
In Raymond Chandler's 1953 detective novel The LongGoodbye, Phillip Marlowe develops a taste for gimlets over martinis. Theproportions have to be just right, according to the friend who introduces himto the drink: half a measure of gin, with half a measure of sweetenedlimejuice. Down the bar from him is a beautiful woman in a black dress, wearingemerald earrings and drinking her own matching gimlet.
While therecipe can be tamed and changed to your tastes, she can not be—she has to betreated with the same respect as a masterfully mixed drink, which is why werecommend giving her The Gimlet Set.
The matchingring and earring set feature marquise cut peridot stones set in oxidized sterlingsilver. The ring’s peridot, when combined with the earrings ¾ carat stones,reflects an emerald light on par with a gimlet resting on the wooden bar ofyour favorite martini bar.
She'll be yourpersonal gimlet, sweet and intoxicating, when you give her The Gimlet Set and,if you're lucky, you'll also get two try out Marlowe's knack for fixing a greatpot of morning coffee for two.

"Mad King Ludwig" of Bavaria often said that he wishedto "…remain an eternal enigma to myself and others," as he wentthrough his reign building two magnificent fairy tale-based castles. He lovedescape, particularly in the works of the composer Wagner, and outfitted each ofhis royal homes in a manner befitting fictional royalty.
Chances are hewas no more than merely eccentric, playing the part of a mythological madman ashe lavishly decorated his homes as idealized storybook castles.
One of hisfavorite stones was rose quartz, which he allegedly oversaw the mining of andused in stain glass windows. Casting a pink hue as the sunlight passed throughit, the stone undoubtedly added to the otherworldliness of his reality’smake-believe nature.
Our Fairy TaleSet would undoubtedly please King Ludwig—not just for the vivid rose quartzstones, but also because of the marriage of those to our lab createdDiamondAura. The ring features a 10 carat stone of rose quartz that is framedby white DiamondAura rounds, while the earrings have 8 ½ carat cabochon withwhite DiamondAura. Both are set in sterling silver and given a final layer ofrose gold.
While you maynot live in an extravagant castle like the “Mad King” did, we promise the FairyTale set to be just as extravagant something a legendary princess would wear.