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Jeeru Soda is as Indian as you are.
Jeeru Soda, an FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) product is a carbonated drink with jeera (cumin) content in it, that is sold nationally. What sets it apart from its competitors is that it appeals to Indian taste buds. Irrespective of how western one may be, there will still be something distinctly Indian about them. Just like you, Jeeru Soda, stands out from the rest of the drinks because of this desi jeera taste.
Communication Design - Hoardings
Communication Design - Press Ads
Innovative Media - Floor Sticker seen in supermarkets
Ambient Media
Popcorn packet made from old newspapers is provided to cinema theaters and malls.
A tag that says 'GET YOUR JEERU SODA' is hung by the side. At the back of the tag, 'Recycle packet after use' is seen along with the logo and tag line that explains the idea of the campaign.

Social Media - Twitter Contest
For reaching out to the target audience, a twitter contest was held. Flowing with the idea of the campaign, the participants were asked to tweet about their craziest Indian habit. The best tweet wins a holiday to exotic destinations all over India along with a quirky certificate awarding them for their hardcore desiness.
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