Jazzy Innovations - advertising the team of nerds

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  • *Definitely the most fabulous team in the world. They develop emotional ideas.
    And apps.
    And we did everything in the video. From concept to final touch.
    2people/1week  :)
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  • Jazzy Innovations inspired us to release a series of über-fancy-motion-gif-images. I think you can call this merchandising. Though it’s not even close to their own action figures, we think it’s a matter of time. At least for their products. I can just see the teddybearish angry-pirate-owl from their next hit (it’s a bird and it’s angry – it’s a hit)  or human size vintage statue of ‘the foot-with-feet’ – Phooter from their first app. 
    * Don't hesitate to comment if you have any thoughs! *
    * Know that I'm also a novice appreciation collector ;) *
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