JayTea - international tea house

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  • JayTea - international tea house corporate website design
    information architecture, wireframe development, user interface design, coding guidelines
  • This is my third project with same client, this time it was to create corporate website of an india born tea house which over time now has reached more than five countries. its also an umbrella corporation for various sister companies such as JayPackCo - an agricultural product packaging company which i am happy to create brand identity for. The JayTea wanted a simple rather than a graphic intensive website.

    I started with looking company's previous communication materials such as brochures etc. I also collected content of website before taking on IA, i was very happy to see they put a section of History Of Tea in their corporate website which was a year wise timeline of historical origin of tea very good content strategy. I also noticed other pages also will contain quite enough text to read.

    With this i started the IA then Wireframe and Eventually landed on a Typography Based Layout, which after adding color such as Tea Leaf green, Boiled tea redish brown, yellow, white and appropriate graphics becomes final homepage.
  • the first detailed wireframe, i wanted typography as design element for a content focused site
  • initially we played with header a lot, we didnt wanted it to be too strong
  • while in communication with client i found that "it should encourage having a cup of tea" was often said so i simply created tea flowing behind company logo. client revised it with more lighting yellow to represent strongness of the drink.
  • Once we finished with overall look&feel of website, it was time to create internal pages. I already had content and layout in my mind. I wanted to have it easily readable and yet not too Text-y. I wanted to put visual interest here and there to keep user interested in content.
  • this was one of my favorite pages, a graphical representation of monumental milestones of company history
  • All types of tea in a single easy to scan page
  • tea leaves instead of Stars to rate product and custom icon design
  • tea-tized popin box
  • most favorite section, used typography as design element and yet easy to read and edit
  • country wise corporate addresses, a nice landmark photograph indicating location
  • That was it. i created CSS guideline document for developer and handed over final files to client. I really enjoyed this one.