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Student Project, 2013.
Book Illustration
Even in seemingly contrasting world cultures, parallels in human imagination can be observed. Here, Chinese and Japanese elements are used in an illustration of Jason & the Argonauts. The ronin of Chūshingura and other Asian monsters like the Dragon, Tengu, Rokurokubi and Gashadokuro replace key characters in the original Greek mythology. The illustration as a singular piece depicts the collective struggles witnessed in the entire narrative, but was also planned as a book illustration, which would then be dissected into chapter head images and endpapers.
Jason & the Argonauts, Graphite & Digital, 22 x 14 in, 2013.
Jason & the Argonauts (detail #1).
Jason & the Argonauts (detail #2).
Jason & the Argonauts (greyscale), Graphite & Digital, 22 x 14 in.
Jason & the Argonauts (sketch), Graphite, 22 x 14 in.
Chapter Headings & End Paper Applications
The illustration was executed to be incorporated into an accordion-fold book. The sequential, narrative functions of chapter head illustrations and the Chinese hand scroll are combined. The illustration is composed primarily of characters which are discretionally separated into four chapter head images, as well as halved into two endpapers (one for each cover). The book is viewed from right to left, and the presence of recurring characters from one chapter head to the next results in a narrative which cascades and unravels.
Front Cover, book is secured with bellyband.
Back Cover, Japanese title.
Book Endpaper #1. Because the illustration repeats from side to side, the endpaper transits directly from the cover and onto the first chapter.
Chapter Head Illustrations #1 & #2. The illustration is character driven, which is then is dissected into chapter head images, with regard to these characters, to contextualise each chapter.
Chapter Head Illustrations #3 & #4.
Chapter 1–2, Folded transition. Recurring characters from one chapter head to the next results in a narrative which cascades and unravels—new adversaries appear to face the Argonauts as the page turns.
Chapter 3–4, Folded transition.
Book Endpaper #2.
Accordion-fold book can be reconfigured so that the two endpapers merge into a single illustration.