• Squid Master

    "The legend says that centuries ago, a child fell from a fisher boat. Unable to fight against the strength of the waves, the sea claimed his body and took him to the deep depths. Some says he died but after many years, a rumor started to spread. The story of a man controlling the sea to his will and riding a fantastic creature. They call him the Squid Charmer."
  • Japanese collection
  • You will find here our creations inspired by our life in Japan. Samurai, Geisha and others... Our creatures landed in the country of the rising sun.
  • Tsuyo 強

    "Back in old Japan, one Samurai was particularly respected for his strength and courage. Tsuyo and his double katanas technique, never stepping back in front of the adversary and fighting with all his might."

    Handcrafted Custom Munny 4"
    Commission - Not for sale
  • Oni

    "Face hidden behind his demonic mask, Oni, fearless samurai is prepared to unleashed his trusty katana.
    Would you dare to cross his road?"

    Handcrafted One of a kind custom Munny 4"
  • Hotaru & Yuki
    Handcrafted One of a kind custom Dunny 3"