Japan Tour 2013 - Aleix Gordo Hostau

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  • This is the compilation of all the work I've been doing in Japan this November of 2013. Murals, silkscreen limited edition prints, exhibition, live paintings, sketches... I hope you will enjoy as much as I did!
    For a lot more information about my tour in Japan check my FB page here: www.facebook.com/Aleix.Gordo.Illustration.Street.Art
    Este es un recopilatorio de todos los trabajos que he realizado durante este mes de Noviembre en Japón. Murales, series limitadas de prints en serigrafia, exposiciones, live paintings, bocetos... Espero que lo disfrutéis tanto como lo he hecho yo!
    Para mucha más información sobre mi viaje a Japón, por favor visitad mi página en FB: www.facebook.com/Aleix.Gordo.Illustration.Street.Art
  • 和洋折衷 WAYO-SECCHU (Exhibition)
    Starting on 11/29 Friday at Midori.so Gallery
    Visual artist from Barcelona known for his explosive creative expression Aleix Gordo is in town.
    Special party featuring his live painting and art exhibition in collaboration with Tadaomi Shibuya is
    happening at midori.so gallery on November 29th Friday. Aleix who grew up exposing to animation by
    Akira Toriyama or Katsunori Ohtomo greatly absorbed influences from these Japanese Manga
    culture. On the other hand, Tadaomi Shibuya, recognized in the international art scene, is famous for
    his trademark on radical illustration that renders images into stylized, angular abstractions of forms.
    This is going to be an intensive hybrid collaboration of East and West of these 2 artists. It is the first
    live painting and art installation by Aleix Gordo in Asia. The show is happening at midori.so which is
    becoming one of the most powerful creative spots in Tokyo. Please come and feel what's happening
    in the latest Japanese scene of live painting and mural art.
    An illustrator, artist, and designer, Tadaomi Shibuya is a figure on the international art scene, known
    best by his trademark radical approach to illustration that renders images into stylized, angular
    abstractions of form. His style was shaped by a mixture of grooves of hip hop and soul, robot anime,
    and the aesthetics of industrial typography, among other things. He has helmed numerous commercial
    projects in Europe and in the US, including London’s Beck’s Beer campaign in 2007, designing the
    crest for a line of Givenchy bags in 2008, a visual contribution to the Nike House of Hoops and the
    Nike Air Jordan CP3.IV campaign in NY in 2010. In October 2011 he drew a much-hyped portrait of
    Steve Jobs for Fortune magazine. Shibuya actively exhibits, with solo shows at the WeSC Gallery in
    Paris (2009), and group shows at London Miles Gallery (2009), Crewest and Think Space Galleries in
    LA (2009, 2010).
    JKD Collective is an audio+visual artist collective / production team that was launched by Bruce
    Ikeda, co-founder and lead producer of W+K Tokyo Lab, an experimental audio+visual record label.
    The collective includes twelve music artists such as HIFANA, Ametsub, and twelve visual artists such
    as Genki Ito, Kosai Sekine, Daito Manabe who push the limit of creative expression. With a mission of
    connecting Tokyo’s high quality, cutting-edge sound and visual design with the world’s top creators, it
    has been collaborating with various creators, corporations and brands across Japan and the rest of
    the world on a new breed of communication and content.
    midori.so is a place where members from different jobs / nationalities / interests and ideas gather
    creating groups of associates. This new groups made of entrepreneurs are the base to pursue
    potential ways of working together in the future. Same as Tokiwa.so, the famous atelier where several
    manga masters worked before being recognized we believe in the individual potential of each member
    at midori.so.
    Press reviews internationally:
    Review on CBCNet (Japan) here.
    Review at RTVE (Spain) - Front Page Culture Section here.
    Reviews from EFE here and here.
  • Preparing some limited silkscreen prints (two series of 15+1), signed and numbered by me and Shibuya-san.
    If you want to purchase some of these, please go here:
    Preparando una serie limitada de prints (dos series de 15+1) serigrafiados, firmados y numerados por mi y Shibuya-san.
    SI estáis interesados en comprar algún print, por favor id aquí:
  • Live painting in Midori.so Gallery with Tadaomi Shibuya at Wayosecchu exhibition inaugurational party (Pictures by © DYSK / JKD Collective Inc.).
    Live Painting en la Galería Midori.so con Tadaomi Shibuya el dia de la inauguración de la exposición Wayosecchu (Fotografías por © DYSK / JKD Collective Inc. ). 
  • A great team working to prepare the exhibition!
    Bruce Ikeda, Miho Koshiba, Tomoji Oya, Jesús Salinas, Shinpei Onishi and Testufumi Saito, plus master Shibuya.
    Un gran equipo trabajando para preparar la exposición!
    Bruce Ikeda, Miho Koshiba, Tomoji Oya, Jesús Salinas, Shinpei Onishi y Testufumi Saito, más el maestro Shibuya.
  • Live painting with Dragno76 in Grassroots in Yokohama.
    Live painting con Dragon76 en Grassroots en Yokohama.
  • Mural done with Suiko1 in near Hiroshima. Thanks to Krone.
    Mural hecho con Suiko1 cerca de Hiroshima. Gracias a Krone.
  • Boceto de una especie de "Moisés" para el mural con Suiko1 (Hiroshima).
  • Graffiti mural done in Chiba (near Tokyo) with Edec (Brooklyn) and Snipe (Tokyo). Thanks to DJ Kogee.
    Mural hecho en Chiba (cerca de Tokyo) con Edec (Brooklyn) y Snipe (Tokyo). Gracias a DJ Kogee.
  • Visit to Hatanaka Sachiyo studio-gallery in Kyoto
    This had been one of my best experiences in Japan. Sachiyo-san is part of a famous group of revolutionary callygraphers from mid 20th century called "Bokujinkai". She works on advertising and for publishing companies making callygraphy but she's been exhibiting her personal work of callygraphy among museums around the country. I had the opportunity and pleasure to share three days with her at her studio-gallery, learning, practicing and sharing. She was so kind to hang one of my works at her gallery's shopwindow. Thanks to Kozuki Seiichiro that he introduced each other.
    Esta ha sido una de mis mejores experiencias en Japón. Sachiyo-san forma parte de un grupo revolucionario de calígrafos de mediados del s. XX llamado "Bokujinkai". Trabaja en publicidad y el mundo editorial haciendo caligrafía, pero lleva muchos años exponiendo su trabajo más personal en muchos museos del país. Tuve la oportunidad y el placer de compartir tres días con ella en su estudio-galería, aprendiendo, practicando y compartiendo. Fue tan amable de colgar una de las obras que hice en el escaparate de su galería. Gracias a Kozuki Seiichiro que nos presentó.
  • Sketches in my moleskine (and other moleskines) during the trip.
    Bocetos en mi moleskine (y otros moleskines) durante el viaje.
  • Dedicated to Kozuki Seiichiro (Kyoto).
  • Dedicated drawing to Suiko1 on his blackbook (Hiroshima).
  • Special thanks to/Agradecimientos especiales:
    Bruce Ikeda, Miho Koshiba, Tomoji Oya, Jesús Salinas, Shinpei Onishi, Testufumi Saito, Tadaomi Shibuya, Mukai Shigefumi, Mukai Emiko, Kozuki Seiichiro, Hatanaka Sachiyo, Edec, Snipe, Suiko1, Krone, Status, Ujimaru, Tiziano Russolo and family, Moribe-san, Kidowaki and Nike people, Cesc, Arantxa, Sara, Gerard, Laia, Ramon Abarca, Jesús de RTVE, Inocuo, Dragon76, Mr. Sato, Bakibaki, DJ Sarasa, Ryoko.
    Without you all, this wouldn't have been possible!/Sin todos vosotros todo esto no hubiera sido posible!

  • To know a lot more about/Si queréis saber mucho más sobre:
    Aleix Gordo (me!) check my FB page at: http://www.facebook.com/Aleix.Gordo.Illustration.Street.Art
    Hatanaka Sachiyo at: http://calligraphy-sumire.com/
    See you in my next trip!!!
    Nos vemos en mi próximo viaje!!!