Japan Earthquake Poster no.1

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  • Fundraising for relief efforts
    First in a series of posters
  • Being Japanese Canadian and watching the devastation in Japan on television is heart breaking. I can only imagine how my friends and family living in Japan must feel. I admittedly avoided seeing images of the aftermath for at least a day or two, worried I would start to cry. Instead I donated money and hoped that the reports I was hearing were over exaggerated. Once I saw the scale of the destruction and finally saw images and video of what was happening in Japan, my heart started to hurt. On the one hand I was happy to know my family was safe, however, on the other hand I knew this would be the start of even harder times for Japan, especially in lieu of their recent economic struggles. I could not just sit by and pray or hope, I needed to find a way to raise more funds.

    This poster represents the resilience of the Japanese people. The lotus symbolises birth and rebirth, and the red lotus in particular represents love, compassion and passion (much of which is needed for the people of Japan).
    The lotus is a flower that is born from the mud of the earth, fights its way through the depths of the water to bloom into the air and sunlight. This is how I view Japan, as a country that teaches their people to be strong and to endure. This is also what my parents taught me, even though we live an ocean away in Canada.
    All profits from the sale of this poster will go to the Canadian Red Cross efforts for the victims affected by the recent tsunami and earthquakes.

    You can purchase this poster at http://www.society6.com/studio/nakanishi/Japan_Earthquake_2011_no1

    Or donate directly to the Canadian Red Cross