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Japan7788 is the flight number that opened a whole so-different world in front of my eyes and lenses. Enjoy :)
Japan 7788
Just a different world.
Japan has never been a place I would have chosen as a destination. I didn't have a particular interest
in the culture neither the country as a whole. That year, we planned Costa Rica as our holiday destination, but due to some troubles while booking it we finally decided to go for a different kind of holidays and since it was the dream travel of one of my best friends, we finally choose Japan for that summer. Japan 7788 is the flight number that opened a whole new different world in front of my eyes and my lenses. I totally fell in love with the japanese and their amazing so-different culture and nowadays I just can dream about going back there soon and get lost around Shibuya with my camera and a can of cold cafe latte :) I want to share with you all what I found in Japan. Hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for watching till the end :) If you still want to see more you can visit my flickr