James Larra's Mason Arms Beer

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    Package design
  • The client
    School work

    The project
    - Package design
    - A series of at least two products
    - Australian product to be marketed in Norway
    - Focus on functional solutions, recycling and reuse

    The result
    I decided to make an Australian beer brand, as beer is such a big part of the Australian culture. Australias first official pub was called Mason Arms, and it was founded in 1796 by freed convict James Larra. I decided to make up a story around this for my package design.

    The story:
    James Larra wasn't happy with the beer he got delivered for his pub, so he decided to make his own beer. Mason Arms brewery was born.

    Hops wasn't successfully cultivated in Australia until 1804, so the first beer brand from Mason Arms was Original Ale and Draught. Later, when it was easier to get hold of hops, James and his son Jimmy launched the popular Lager and the Stout.