James Hetfield -Metallica @ Jakarta 2013

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  • This is my personal experience with James Hetfield, lead singer of the famous rock band: Metallica

    This photo was made when they had just finished a concert in GBK Stadium, Jakarta. And James Hetfield personally come and visit me at my apartment.
    You can read full story in here : http://melmanandthehippo.blogspot.com/2013/08/metallica-kebon-kosong-kemayoran-2013.html?showComment=1377788142973
    But Im sorry, it's in Indonesian :)
    ps : you can read the debate about this photos in here : https://twitter.com/search?q=agan%20harahap&src=savs
    or in here : http://www.kaskus.co.id/thread/521f68a5f8ca17c902000004/sisi-lain-james-hetfield-metallica-ingat-teman-lamanya-dari-indonesia/
    #TemenTemenSelebriti ( My Celebrity Friends)
    Pose with the celebrity, idol or famous people is one of the 'ancient custom' in the behavior of photography.
    We often see pictures of relatives with their idol or celebrity. Everyone has been doing it.
    Currently, with various social networking facilities (facebook/twitter/instagram etc), this practice became more frequently encountered. Many people vying to show off their personal existence.
    With or without intentional, this behaviour has become a marker to get recognition from the social field around them.
    In this series, I make a couple of self portrait and combine it with James Hetfield, lead vocal and guitarist from the worlds famous rock band, Metallica.
    I tried to present togetherness, closeness and intimacy with the celebrity in the hyperbolic ways to respond this social behaviour that happening today.
    Agan Harahap
  • James Hetfield, me and Lars Ulrich at the secret party. San Francisco 2010
  • James Hetfield send me his photo. He want to visit me in my apartment
  • James Hetfield, him self personally visited me.
  • James Hetfield expressions after I serve him local cheap vodka
  • After 3 bottles of local cheap vodka, James Hetfield drunk