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  • How does a company from Australiaintroduce a product into a mature North American market and not only survive, but become the category leader? During the years I worked on James Hardie Siding, the answer was to concentrate messages on the sanctuary nature of a house to women who make the other emotional decisions about their home.

    The result? James Hardie is now the most used, most preferred brand of siding in North America. James Hardie’s siding business has grown at an average of 40% per year, holding over 90%of the U.S. hardboard siding market. It has expanded from two U.S. manufacturing facilities to eight, all operating at maximum capacity. And a survey by Builder Magazine listed James Hardie as the third most recognized brand of all building products, in company with brands like Pella and Moen.

    In this version of the campaign we ask a simple question of the target: What kind of sanctuary would your home be without James Hardie Siding?
  • Bring on that freak spring hailstorm.
    The miss-hit baseball.
    A wayward golf ball.
    Bring on surprise parties, good punch lines and things thatgo bump in the night.
    Midnight thunderstorms, ice storms, hail storms.
    Practical jokes and being pushed in the pool fully clothed.
    Bring on the unexpected things that make life worth living.

    Bring on life.

    Sometimes nature’s not just fickle, it’s downright mean. Whichis why our siding is built strong enough to resist damage from moisture,termites and even flame spread. Call 1-866-4 HARDIE or visit jameshardie.com.

  • Bring on snow and fog.
    Biting wind and burning sun.
    Running inside from autumn rainstorms
    And counting the seconds between lightning and thunder.
    Bring on sweltering, sweaty days,
    Crystal clear nights and snow days home from school.
    Golf ball-sized, baseball-sized, bowling ball-sized hail.
    Bring on nature – morning, noon and night.

    Bring on life.