• From Montego Bay
    to Westmoreland and Whitehouse

    When I first touched down in Jamaica, I made my stay at the Sunset Resort.  A few days later made my journey out to see my parents in Whitehouse.  From there they took me to the lil' plantation they have just started.  This is just a look thru the small and short journey.  
  • Sunset Beach Resort
  • Montego Bay
  • Granny's house in Darliston.
  • This man is was 109 when I went to see him and recently passed away at 110 years of age.   Rest in Peace Mas' Allan. Sept 2010
  • Outdoor Paint and Bodyshop
  • Outdoor Barbershop  
  • When driving thru the hills and mountains, rides are a given when walking on foot!
  • The Pasture where my father keeps his livestock