Jägermeister thermo-sensitive bottle concept.

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  • My school homework. Concept. 
    I used the amazing bottle of Nicki van Roon and Emil Gram as template for my idea.

    «A new bottle for German herbal liquor brand, Jägermeister.

    The result of a major redesign of the green, medicinal-looking glass bottle that Jägermeister traditionally came in—Kirilin’s matte black bottle only retained the original’s boxy, rectangular shape.

     At room temperature, the bottle would seem to be a nondescript, all-black container.

    However, after placing it in a fridge, the bottle’s thermo-sensitive label would gradually appear—like magic.» designtaxi.com
  • «Jägermeister recently tapped Russian graphic designer Semyon Kirilin to craft a new bottle for the German brand's flagship product. Kirilin's redesign includes matte black glass retained by the bottle's original rectangular aesthetic. Switching from green to black wasn't the only overhaul in the process. At room temperature, the bottle appears blank, but after placing it in a chilled surface, the Jägermeister's thermo-sensitive label gradually appears.» Complex.com 
  • Thanks for your appreciation and comments ;)