Jägermeister - Radio Apps 2010
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Jägermeister Radio Player Apps for mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android), desktop (Mac/Win), and www (Mainsite/Facebook).
Radio Apps 2010

Jägermeister Radio is a long running service used by thousands of fans in Germany. We rebuilt the Player based on its existing streams: two main stations, several festival mixtapes as well as an infinite number of additional mainstream and underground stations licensed by the brand.

The challenge was to create something suitable for all kinds of channels and devices: mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android), desktop (Mac/Win) and www (mainsite/Facebook).

We decided to build a simple interface along the 'mobile first' approach, using common gestures and player conventions. We used native apps for iOS and a Flash-based AIR framework for all other devices. The application features intuitive controls, a circular EQ, channel-based background animations, swipeable favorites and a simplified 'idle mode' for listening back at home.
Creative Direction: Alexander Meinhardt
Concept: Alexander Meinhardt
Design: Alexander Meinhardt, Alexander Otto, Sonja Johnke