• Personal Project (2011)
    Self Promotional
    Illustrator, 15gm Card Stock, Spot UV Varnish

    This self promotional package is a support piece to my overall portfolio. The package was created with emphasis on presentation of the portfolio. The limited color palette, structured grid, and micro aesthetics all aid in overall visibility and experience.

    The logo is simple but conceptually complex. The honeycomb shape, which can be used as a pattern, is a representation of teamwork and my ability to work in a collaborative environment. The Hexagon is also a 3D cube with no shading, referencing both my 3D and 2D work. The sand timer correlates with motion design, in that motion design is set to a timeline. These timelines are what give life to motion design and why I find it so interesting. 

    With the design of my business card, I focused on making something memorable and tactile. The card uses a spot UV varnish to add these qualities.The front of the card uses this varnish over a full bleed black to create my logo. The back uses the varnish over the corner of a white background and black type. This contrast and use of gloss makes for a very dynamic card that will hopefully make an impression on those who receive it.    

    The resume and cover letter are designed with typical office printing in mind. When delivered digitally, the files can be printed on a standard laser copier and maintain all design integrity. 

    Along with the print materials is a website www.jacobgilbreath.com which houses my online portfolio and a Twitter account @jacob_gilbreath which I regularly update with my favorite inspirations. 

  • Resume // 
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  • Website // Visit at: JacobGilbreath.com
  • Twitter // Follow me at: @Jacob_Gilbreath