Jack Huston Eclipse Speaker

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  • The curves created by weight versus the lines planned and excecuted is an idea I wanted to explore in this piece. The form is very based in type and graphical or iconic arangments. Materiality was also an area in which I focused a lot of time, thought and experimentation. Black stained ash frames the powerful driver at the front end of the piece. Joined seamlessly into a 3D Printed ABS cone housing. A Cermaic weight balances the piece while organic cartoonlike legs glide into retro chrome feet.  
    This is tuneable speaker that uses balance and the principle of the moon eclipsing the sun to ensure the correct listening position. While pivoted on the center of mass, users can adjust the height of the speaker by spinning the ceramic ball which shifts the weight and allows infinitesimal adjustment. the correct height is when the counter weight has been eclipsed by the speaker and is no longer visible from listening position.