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The best Bar Mitzvah gift a 13 year old kid can get is his own comic book.
An old friend Brad Brewster of Bent Media in New Orleans called me and asked if I'm interested in doing a graphic novel. Never did one so i said "sure!" What got me was that this was a story written by his 13 year old son Tabor for his best friend's Bar Mitzvah - as a surprize. The kid  - Jack Finger - would become a superhero in a printed comic book. So I jumped in. The story was right out of a 13 year old's wild imagination and I developed it keeping all the twists, characters and plot intact.  Now, I confess, I never grew up with comic books, so all this was more or less new to me. The narrative method, the line work of such legendary king of comics Jack Kirby. I must have been living in a cave not to have one comic book as a kid myself. It's true. So the "catch" was that I had ten days to do it in. Which is not a whole lot of time for finessing. That calculated to about a 100 hours to learn to do comic books and complete one from cover to cover. This is what we came up with.....