JUNGHOLZ Kopfhörer

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    Ecodesign is an issue with increasing relevance. However, a lack of distinctive branding and
    visual identity means that it is often overlooked by younger target groups. A target group known for being important opinion leaders and trend setters.

    The younger target group will be reached in an area where it is already highly emotionally  involved: music and style. Therefore a concept for sustainable headphones was developed. For a clear differentiation from the competition, an entirely new brand identity was created – both appealing to the target group and environmentally responsible.

    The new brand created is consequently young and sustainable – named „JUNGHOLZ“ which means „Young Wood“ in German. The entire brand sets a statement for the environment. Therefore, for each headphone produced a new tree is planted, which can be found by the buyer via GPS code. Ecological design is the overall concept for the entire work and is reflectedin everything from packaging to office stationary. A striking product branding combined with the use of renewable materials turns JUNGHOLZ into a modern brand with attitude.
    Article about JUNGHOLZ on ONEtoOne.de (in German):