JOURNEYS: Find Yourself

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    We have been assembled by a well-oiled machine.
    And if its function was to build us all the same,
    then perhaps it's succeeded.

    It turns us loose and tells us to go far. To follow. 

    And if we choose to let this to happen,
    we discover that we haven’t gotten very far at all.

    You'll spend a lifetime finding yourself.
    Why walk in someone else's shoes?
    Journeys - Find Yourself
        CTA: Retrace your steps at
    Chronicles (Interactive Microsite)
  • The Chronicles microsite utilizes Getty Images to provide each user with a custom-tailored online experience. By signing in with Facebook, users give the microsite permission to pull information from their timelines. Hometowns. Favorite bands. Hobbies. Essentialy, the Chronicles microsite finds what makes each user unique, and assembles a 2:30 montage using Getty Stock Footage that serves as a visual manifestation of the paths we all take in order to find ourselves. 
    Upon viewing their stories, users are then able to share them via Facebook and Twitter. A CTA at the conclusion of each montage directs users to the Journeys Online Shop where they are encouraged to find a shoe that is as unique as they are.