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Bar design
Johnny Jackson isn't a who. He's a what. He's the guy just off-stage at the concert, who will know the best restaurant for ribs in the next small town they're playing in. He's the guy down the street, who's tinkering in his garage, fixing whatever vintage motorbike happened to roll into his life. Johnny's the guy who picked up extra work as a stunt-man. As a lumberjack. As a short order cook. And loved every day on those jobs because he told stories and learned things and picked up an appreciation for how the world works. He's not about being famous. Or rich. But he loves a great time and being comfortable, without a lot of fuss.

If he happened to inherit a tavern, it would look a lot like this. Bit of this. Bit of that. Some food at the back of the house. The menu names things he loves – movies, places, people – moments. Characters. If you get it, fine. If you don't, no worries. Pull up a stool, turn off your phone - grab a drink and let him tell you a story.

The Bar is decorated with some of Johnnys favourite things. Items he collected over the years bought, gifted and stolen. Drink specials are simple. Whisky or Beer. Or even Whisky AND Beer.
Looking around the bar you will find memorabilia giving a glimpse as to who Johnny was.No item is random, everything has its place and a story. These incites paint Johnny as the guy behind the guy in many famous moments in pop culture.
A double sided menu was developed where side A tells a story, naming the dishes after Johnny’s past and side B is for when you’re smashed and just want something to soak up the good times.
ITEM : Framed photo of Jacques Villeneuve (presumably) spraying champaign on his team mate Johnny Jackson.
STORY : Alluding to his past as a pit crew member for Indy car racing legend Jacques Villeneuve.
ITEM : A (fake) signed copy of “Fast Times at Richmont High” from Director Cameron Crowe to Johnny Jackson.
STORY : Alluding to his past as an extra while living in Hollywood.
Blank business cards were created with a blank content area to accommodate a rotating’s also a great pick-up tool.
Johnny partnered with Glenlivet to produce a limited edition run of whiskey bottles for a speacial tasting night. 
Vintage matchbooks from Johnnys past travels can be found in the washroom stamped with theVintage matches were sourced from all over North America and placed in the washroom stamped with the bars name and address to add to the story of Johnny Jacksons travels.
Bowls of vintage matches are placed at the bar and in the bathrooms telling the story of Johnnys travels. Each stamped with the bar name and contact.
All food items are sold in the Johnny Jackson signature box for $10, tax in,
Illustrations : Ashley Eansor, Hendrick Molera, Rcade & Dave Tupper
Various signage throughout the bar was hand painted by local Artist / Illustrator "Rcade"
WRITER : Trevor Schoenfeld