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Illustrations for an article featured in UOL Empregos about professional relations and career
Illustrations for an article featured in UOL Empregos about professional relations and career
Conquistar e influenciar para se dar bem com as pessoas no trabalho
Conquer and influence to get along with people at work
Rascunhos e estudos de contraste
Sketches and contrast black & white studies
Networking e relação com colegas
Networking and good relations with workmates
Elogios e críticas
Balancing compliments and critics
Sem chororô
Keep the good mood on the conversations
Excelência: paixão pelo trabalho
Be passionate about your work to reach excellence
Adversários e aliados
Rivals and allies
Tapetes puxados
Do not let people "pull the rug from under your feet"
(not used in the final product)
Tapetes puxados
Understand and respond correctly to the intentions in the talks at work
Marketing pessoal
See your qualifications from different perspectives
Se adaptando a mudanças
Learn to adapt in different situations
(not used in the final product)
Se adaptando a mudanças
Engage in alternative tasks to improve and inovate
Seja claro
Adapt the message according to the audience
Felicidade em casa
Take care of family and friends to have a healthy social life
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