• J E E P ®
    "2 0 1 4   V E H I C L E   L A U N C H"
    As part of the recent JD Power study, the former Number-Seven (Now Number-Two!) Ranked Jeep.com was taken to task for a difficult user experience within its Vehicle Landing Pages. What followed was a herculean amount of interaction thought, user insight, analytics data, SEO optimizations, conceptual thinking and sales-focused business requirements...all filtered into the mix to create the right balance of beautiful form and simple, intuitive function. Accordingly these VLPs and supporting tablet apps launched with the early reveal of the new 2014 Jeep vehicle lineup.
    To make design and interaction seamless, these pages adhered to many common modular design principles. They're also strategically focussed, using data and parts APIs to bring in content in realtime, which will make the future model year switchovers even more streamlined and effective. The pages even had tablet behaviours and gesture-optimizations baked-in! These design protocols were used as the manifestos for the full 2014 redesign and It was truly a multi-disciplinary effort to achieve this exemplary launch.
  • 2014 Jeep® Grand Cherokee - USA Today iPad Experience
  • Grand Cherokee Vehicle Landing Page
  • Cherokee Vehicle Landing Page
  • Wrangler Unlimited Vehicle Landing Page
  • Wrangler "Features & Specs - Exterior" digital concept
  • Liberty "Features & Specs - Exterior" digital concept - White Version
  • Liberty "Features & Specs - Exterior" digital concept - Black Version