J'Animals digipak CD cover

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  • Žanamari & J'Animals
    Digipak CD cover preview of their album "Druga vrsta" (Another Kind)
  • This is a preview of J'Animals' CD cover. I always wanted to create a cover that incorporates fire in some way and when this opportunity came I siezed it. I already created a smoky cover (Adastra CD cover), water based illustration (Darker It Gets) and icy illustration (Violin) so fire was the next element on my list and next logical step :)

    The idea was simple: to create each member of the band as if they are up in flames or made of fire. The frontman, or should I say frontwoman Žanamari was a special challenge since I wanted to create her hair in the form of flames. A lot of twaking and patience was needed for this image. The rest was a stroll in the park once I knew how to put things together.

    You can see below the original images and the final images.
  • Original image on which I based my illustration. (Photo by Mario Mlakar)
  • The final illustration.
  • Front cover.
  • Front cover detail.
  • Mic image.
  • Back cover.
  • Back cover detail.
  • Back cover final.
  • Inside panel.
  • The drummer original image for the booklet.
  • Booklet pages: The drummer.
  • Drummer detail.
  • Keyboard player original image.
  • Booklet pages: The keyboard player.
  • Keyboard player detail.
  • Guitar player origial image.
  • Booklet pages: The guitar player.
  • The guitar player detail.
  • Bass player original image.
  • Booklet pages: Bass player.
  • Bass player detail.
  • Guitar player (not so good resolution and quality on this one).
  • Booklet pages: Guitar player.
  • Guitar player detail.
  • Digipak preview.
  • Digipak preview 2.
  • Digipak preview 3.