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My graduation film at the National Institute of Design, India.
Jam is my final graduation film at the National Institute of Design, India for an organisation named ITDP ( institute for Transportation and Development Policies).
JAM- Case Study
Making of JAM
All the characters in the film were designed by keeping in mind all the typical daily commuters to will bump into in India.  The gestures and behaviour of the 3 main characters in shot 1 i.e the office guy, the old man and the environmentalist were designed keeping the following points in mind.
1. Office guy:  He represents the largest public transport user section, the working middle class. He is always angry because the buses are late and he has to bare the brunt of it at office. He has no option but to continue using the bus because of the rising fuel prices.
2. Old man: Represents the elderly commuters who want to be independent but are too old to operate a private vehicle.
3. Environmentalist: The people who are trying their best to spread awareness but give up due to the quality of the system.
All the space, transport, costume design etc. have been designed from research and field study of the Ahmedabad BRT to keep it genuinely true to the system.
The spiral shot was the most complex animation which required vehicles to be modelled in 3d ( Autodesk Maya 2012)and then placed under a moving camera. cars, scooters, rickshaws and buses were modelled and then textured to match exactly the graphic style of the film.