JAM | A short film to promote Public Transportation

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  • JAM
    Jam is my final graduation film at the National Institute of Design, India for an organisation named ITDP ( institute for Transportation and Development Policies).
  • Making of | JAM
    Each character in the film reperesents a certain class or group of people who commute daily in India.
    1. office guy reperesents the working middle class. fuel is expensive and public transport is the only option. He is always late to work because of the untimely service and hence always irritable.
    2. the old man represents the old commuters who still want to be independent and travel on their own.
    3. the main " environment" guy represents the staunch environmentalists who will probably be the only ones to stand everything about the system just to save the environment.
    Each element used in the film has been studied from field study or from documented photographs.
  • The spiral shot in the movie was the most complex shot to animate. It was made with the help of CGI ( autodesk Maya 2012). cars, scooters, rickshaws and buses were modelled and then textured to match exactly the graphic style of the film.
    Then theses were placed individually on a modelled and textured spiral road and then a camera was animated along the entire set up.